get more positive reviews and higher retention rates in turn, improving your ranking on Google Play

Before you start doing all that crazy stuff in order to secure a higher spot, it is essential that you understand how Android apps are being evaluated in the market. Considering the obvious fact that your Android apps success can be measured in the number of downloads it gets, as well as the number of people who are happy with their user experience,Guaranteed Ranking heres everything you need to know about improving app rankings in the Play Store. By understanding how users are using your Android app, you can make improvements in design, fixes bugs, and thereby get more positive reviews and higher retention rates — in turn, improving your ranking on Google Play.
Improving your apps conversion rates and driving organic downloads plays a similarly big role in optimizing for the App Store. With the data and algorithms from Gummicube, you can enhance each and every element of app store optimization: App titles, app keywords, app descriptions, app logos, app screenshots, ratings, and reviews.
Effective app store optimization can be achieved by including popular (and accurate) keywords in the title and description, as well as by making sure that your users regularly submit favorable ratings and reviews. You can even leverage reviews and media coverage to figure out which keywords may be applicable to your app. When you are drafting an app description, you can concentrate on the most relevant keywords users are likely to associate with your mobile app.
If you have no keywords present in the title or description, your apps chances of ranking for this specific search query are significantly lower. Including keywords in the name of your app will increase its visibility on app stores, which will, in turn, increase the downloading rates, and if more people are downloading your app, then it is going to increase app store rankings dramatically. If you optimize your apps title, name, keywords, screenshots, etc., you will have taken a big step toward having a healthy app rank and getting more downloads organically.
Whether it is keywords relevance or the app description, be sure to stay up to date with the trends of the industry regarding what app stores are including as part of their ranking factors, and update these aspects of your app when needed. You should be choosing the best keywords, optimizing the description, screenshots, photos… anything that could help in the rankings of your app. Because of that, keyword research is vital for all digital marketing campaigns revolving around improving app store rankings and traffic with App Store Optimization (ASO).
Yes, from your title, to the description, to your apps content, keywords are extremely important for ASO, whether it is for the optimization of the Google Play Store or the optimization for the iOS App, keywords are always playing a major role, and, as mentioned before, keeping up with your keywords is not a one-time affair. While ranking on top 25 of overall free apps in US will take nearly 80k downloads per day in order to be considered, for paid listings, less than 10k. Positive reviews from fans of your mobile app, maybe declaring it as worth downloading,buy keyword installs or saying that it provides great UX, are extremely important for ranking on every app store. The number of downloads your app receives within its first days will impact your apps rank and validity within the store.