How to promote an app?

If we have an app, should we learn to promote the app first?

What should we pay attention to in app promotion, and how to promote it more effectively? Next, we will introduce some methods of app promotion in detail.

There are two types of marketing promotion: one is paid promotion and the other is free promotion. It is suggested that the two methods will work better when combined.

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  1. Ground push mode
    This is a very common promotion model. In crowded places, we often see people set up tents, put some gifts, and take flyers to promote their products. For friends who pass by, the promotion staff will introduce their products to them very enthusiastically, and tell them that downloading the APP will give them gifts.

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  1. Cross-industry cooperation model
    The essence of cross-industry cooperation is the cooperation of traffic. In this model, it specifically includes offline mutual promotion, online cooperation and brand alliance. In this year’s NBA game, a loan platform cooperated with the NBA. While we watched the game live on video, we also remembered those brands that cooperated with the Houston Rockets, such as “You and I Loan”, a powerful Internet financial platform.
  2. Advertising mode
    If you have money, you can say anything. When the free promotion method is not satisfactory, you can choose to advertise. Although it is a bit more expensive, the effect is still there. The advertising model is a very important part of the APP customer acquisition model. We still need to do a good job of cost control before placing advertisements, do some ideal effect analysis, and how much money should be invested to achieve what kind of effect.

Content can be published on the information flow platform, including articles, videos, atlases, questions and answers, small videos, micro-titles, posts, etc., and can also be charged based on clicks, displays, and conversions.

First, news platforms, such as Toutiao, UC, Tiantian, Baijiahao, Sohu Toutiao, NetEase Toutiao, Yidian Information, Jianshu, WeChat Official Account, Weibo, etc.

The second is audio and video, live broadcast (Betta, Huajiao, Yingke, etc.), short films (Kaishou, Douyin, etc.), audio (Himalaya, Lychee, etc.)

The third is some third-party advertising platforms, such as Guangdiantong, Wisdom Push, Fantong, etc.

Fourth, ASO optimization
ASO optimization can improve your APP’s ranking in various APP electronic market rankings and search results, and increase exposure and download conversion. For users, to download a certain APP, open the app store to rank high, and the one with high praise is definitely the best choice. Moreover, ASO optimization has low cost and good effect, which is the best choice for many enterprises.

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The mode of social communication
With the development of the Internet, there are more and more social platforms. There are many platforms that can do free promotion for us, such as Weibo, WeChat, etc. We can publish activities, set up red envelopes, referral bonuses, etc. to attract users to participate, thus Get downloads. Common modes include red envelope fission, relationship fission and group purchase fission. For example, the APP Pinduoduo has not been around for a long time, but the 400 million customers he has now must be inseparable from his promotion. First of all, when new users place an order, they can enjoy red envelope discounts. This is a common promotion method for many apps. Secondly, Pinduoduo can also make orders, and it is cheaper to buy together. Moreover, you will share the product to your social circle and invite friends to help you bargain, After the help, users can get more discounts, and at the same time, it also achieves the purpose of attracting new users to download the APP.

  1. Promotion of soft articles
    Press release promotion is also a major model for acquiring customer traffic. Press release promotion is a relatively direct and low-cost way. The audience area is relatively wide, and a soft article published on a popular self-media platform can also attract many people to download.