The four best ways to promote apps, how many do you know?

In recent years, with the development and expansion of apps, the competition among major app publishers has become particularly fierce. How to quickly promote their own apps and increase their exposure has become the most troublesome issue for publishers. There are more and more channels for app promotion, and it is more and more testing the level of promotion if you want to achieve good results. Taking games as an example, now no matter we open Weibo, Toutiao or WeChat Moments, we can see Gu Tianle, Jackie Chan, “Zha Zhahui” and other big-name celebrities doing endorsements for various mobile games. Although celebrities can bring a certain amount of traffic to the app, in the end, the quality of the app itself can only retain users, otherwise even the best celebrity endorsements will be futile. However, the purpose of celebrity endorsement of App products can only play a role in attracting new ones. How companies turn fans into effective users is the key issue. Besides celebrity endorsements, what other ways are there to promote the app?
Throughout the entire Internet, there are not a few celebrity endorsement apps, but is celebrity endorsement the key to the app’s occupation of the market? The picture below shows the results given by nearly 100 CPs in the user growth private sharing event of Aiyiying in August. voting results. From the results, it is not difficult to see that information flow, ASO and short videos still account for a large proportion.

In fact, celebrity endorsement is only one of the new promotion methods of the app. The celebrity endorsement of the app is a double-edged sword. If there is negative news about the product endorsement star, it will also have a great impact on the promotion of the app. There are various ways to promote apps. For example, the information flow, ASO optimization, short video, etc. mentioned in the above figure are all ways of app promotion. Then I will introduce these four mainstream promotion methods one by one. .

  1. Celebrities promote the App
    Some commercial event App publishers will invite endorsement stars to participate in the event on the spot. This method is relatively common, such as e-commerce apps (JD.

I am especially impressed by the advertising words of Ganji! ~ (I have a small donkey, I never ride it…) Looking for a house, looking for a job, looking for a decoration, looking for a babysitter, looking for a pet, looking for a move. . . Buy and sell used goods., everything! I feel that no matter what I do, it is right to go to Being deeply brainwashed by this advertisement will naturally leave a deep impression on people. And recently the very popular girl group “Rocket Girls 101” endorsed the activities of Jingdong 618, which also attracted a large number of fans for Jingdong.

The cooperation between and Rocket Girl 101 has really seamless coverage. I did some rough statistics. Before the 618 event started, I saw it on CCTV, subway, bus station and many other media advertisements. This full-scene coverage is also in line with the transformation of’s retail subgroup from open shelves to full-scale retail. Just like advertisements, JD.618 is also covering the entire scene, becoming a ubiquitous carnival.

Not only that, stars such as Are You Hungry, ofo Shared Bikes, Beauty Cameras, and Mogujie all have their endorsements and promotions.

Secondly, celebrities promote their own apps

In addition to their careers in the entertainment industry, many celebrities will also start their own businesses. Generally speaking, they endorse their apps and use their fame to promote new apps.

The promotion of information flow
The advantage of information flow advertising is that it “integrates advertisements in the content”. For consumers who “eat soft and not hard”, they can unconsciously accept advertising information when browsing the content, retaining the inherent user experience. At the same time, the information flow advertisement also has the advantages of effectively reducing the interference to the user, delivering it to the target customers more accurately, easily stimulating the audience’s initiative, prompting and active sharing, and simple operation!

The feed advertisement is closely integrated with the content, which can effectively improve the click effect. The unique advantage makes the feed advertisement more and more popular, just like Baidu, Weibo, QQ Zone, Toutiao, Sohu, Momo, etc. that we can reach every day. Even WeChat advertisements have also opened the native promotion page advertisements in the circle of friends, showing diversified development, and the competition between advertisements has become more and more fierce!

So, what are the popular delivery channels for news feed ads?

  1. News information:
    Today’s Toutiao, Yidian Consulting, Zhihuitui (Tencent Information Client, Daily Express), Sina Fuyi (Sina News Client), Sohu Accounting (Sohu News Client), NetEase News Client. These are all information-based information flow advertisements.

Its characteristics are:

Users use it for a long time, with high frequency and strong stickiness.

As consulting products are the first to launch information flow advertisements, advertisements are sold in various forms and there are many styles of advertising spaces.

Accuracy is limited, suitable for strong exposure.

  1. Social media:
    Weibo Fantong / Fantoutiao, Guangdiantong, Momo, Tieba, etc., are characterized by ① strong user interaction, and information can be disseminated twice. ②Has a large amount of user registration information, and the user’s natural attributes are determined with high accuracy. ③Because it does not have multiple channels like consulting APPs, the forms and styles of advertisements are relatively simple.
  2. Search engine:
    At present, mobile phone Baidu is more representative, and mobile phone Baidu currently belongs to the dual overlay function, search function + news information. Its characteristics are:

Due to the dual overlay function (search + information), the users are huge.

Marketing is highly accurate and can lock in users’ recent purchase needs.

The ROI (return on marketing investment) is high. Due to the large number of users, the traffic cost is reduced, and the accuracy is high. Compared with other information flows, the ROI is slightly higher.

It started late, and the delivery form and style are still relatively simple.

  1. Video category:
    iQiyi, Tencent, LeTV, Youku, etc. In view of the increasing prospects of the Internet online video market, it is currently one of the more concerned news feed advertisements. However, the characteristics of news feed native advertisements make the production cost of video-based news feed advertisements high, and multiple resources need to be integrated. At present, a more representative one is the online drama “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” interspersed advertisements (play actors + advertiser products + video producers + video delivery parties).
  2. Browser:
    UC browser, Baidu browser, Sogou browser, etc., which are characterized by:

The user base is large, and it is mostly integrated with other platforms, such as UC+Ali.

Only the home page is triggered, and user attention is low.

  1. Other content alliances:
    WIFI key, almanac weather, etc. Such products (services) have large and single functions, few user groups, and low frequency of use. Therefore, news feed advertisements are generally launched jointly for multiple products. Compared with other types of news feed advertisements, the delivery scope, accuracy and conversion rate are slightly insufficient.
  2. ASO optimization
    ASO optimization has existed for a long time, but ASO is really valued and developed at the end of 2014; if an APP wants to get a good ranking in the search platform, it can increase the downloads of the application, increase brand awareness and popularity Of course, improving the ranking of APP applications is inseparable from ASO optimization and promotion, and needs to be assisted by some ASO optimization work.

When there were few apps in the early days, a simple category list was enough, but at present, there are more than 1.8 million apps in the App Store, and according to our statistics, only about 14,000 apps can be displayed. less than 1%. At present, about 60% of the downloads in the App Store are from search, and with the further increase of the number of apps, based on the consideration of the app ecology, the proportion of downloads outside the list will further increase, and the importance of ASO is self-evident.

  1. Definition of ASO
    The English full name of ASO is App Store Optimization, and the Chinese translation is App Store Optimization. At present, the definition of ASO is divided into narrow and broad.

In a narrow sense, ASO refers to the process of improving the ranking of apps in the rankings and search results in the app market.

In a broad sense, ASO refers to all the processes that can help apps get better exposure in the app store and get more traffic and downloads. Including ranking optimization, search ranking optimization, boutique recommendation, user comment optimization, etc.

  1. App Store
    App Store refers to Apple’s application store, where users can download a variety of applications. Up to now, the Apple App Store has more than 2 million apps, and the App Store has limited app exposure, mainly including rankings, app recommendations, search results and other positions, which has led to a large number of similar apps in the market. Competing for more exposure opportunities, ASO has undoubtedly become a sweet pastry.
  2. Ranking Factors Affecting ASO Optimization
    ranking factor

(1) APP application icon:

Logo images must be clear, intuitive, and highlight the brand. Image design is also an effective way to influence users.

(2) Subtitle settings:

The importance is similar to the website Title and Keyword, implanting keywords in the title is helpful for the ranking of the main keywords of the website. However, for APP application names, it is not so easy to modify the application name title and keywords. Therefore, when uploading an application, you must do a good job of keyword search heat analysis in advance, and standardize the title content.


①The distribution relationship of the keyword search weight in the title is subtitle>keywords

②The title should be natural and smooth, and no words should be piled up;

③The title should be one or two sentences as much as possible, and do not use short words to piece together the title;

(3) Description (brief description and detailed description):

The brief description is generally displayed on the application list page, and the detailed description is the detailed introduction of the APP application. Description is also very important for ASO optimization; when users see your app in the search listing page, the first thing the user sees is your iCON, subtitle and brief description, so how to use short sentences to arouse user interest and It is particularly important to click to enter the APP product details page, which can improve the click-through rate of the APP in the search results in the app store, and is also a factor affecting the ranking.

(4) User ratings/evaluations

There is no doubt about the importance of real user evaluation, which is reflected in:

①Not only APP, but also platform operation such as website operation and Taobao operation, user evaluation and rating all play a big role in ranking.

②Many apps will trigger pop-up windows to invite users to evaluate users; and there will be an evaluation entry in the personal center or settings section of the navigation. It can be seen that the importance of user reviews to the APP.

(5) APP application update iteration

In APP operation, everyone pays attention to the user’s activity, daily activity, weekly activity, more activity, etc.; as in the ranking of the application store, the update iteration of the APP is also an activity rate. Many APPs basically do not update and iterate much after they go online, which is a big taboo; APP update and iteration for a fixed time is very helpful for improving rankings;

(6) Application installation volume: the top priority of ASO optimization

The number of APP installations is a very important factor. Basically, the top-ranked APPs are ranked among the best in terms of downloads and installations. “App swipe list” is to boost downloads and installs, and its popularity shows the importance of app installs for ASO optimization; although the app store is very strict about swiping the list, its importance still exists.

  1. Data Analysis
    data analysis

(1) Competitive product analysis

Competitive product analysis is not only required in the field of ASO, but also in traditional industries, product design, and platform operations. For ASO, it is necessary to understand which words are optimized by competitors? What is the popularity of these words? How are their subtitles and descriptions set? How are their keyword rankings?

By understanding your competitors, you can better recognize your own products, make your ASO optimization plan more detailed, and avoid the pits that the former has stepped on;

(2) Industry analysis

Regarding industry analysis, it is more about red ocean and blue ocean strategies. More is to understand the competition situation of the whole industry, development direction, etc.;

(3) User Analysis

The selection of keywords and hot words is based on the user’s search behavior; the most popular words are searched by the user, and if the hot words can be optimized, the ranking of the hot words can be improved, and the download and installation volume of users can be increased; it is not a problem;

  1. External promotion
    External promotion

(1) Increase download volume: ground push and task recommendation are all good methods

For APP promotion, many of them adopt the methods of ground push, cooperation, task recommendation, and trial play, which can also play a significant role in increasing application downloads.

①A financial APP: Scan to download the APP, and after registration, you will get a box of Jiaduobao; this kind of cost is relatively high, but if the gift is not attractive, how can users download your APP?

②Scan it, download the APP, and drink tribute tea for free. By cooperating with some physical service stores, it can bring a win-win situation. This method is also what many APPs will try to do when they are initially promoted;

③ Trial APP: Now there are some third-party trial service platforms. After downloading and registering, users can get a reward of how much money they can get after hanging in the background for a few minutes. This method is more effective for increasing application downloads.

(2) Social marketing: more about building APP brand image

For social marketing, the platforms that operators usually choose include WeChat official account, Weibo, SEO soft article promotion, and self-media platforms (Toutiaohao, Zhihu platform, Netease We-media, Jianshu, Sohu media platform, etc.).

Social marketing needs to be supported by high-quality content to increase reading and brand exposure; for APPs, the content is more interesting, and of course, the direction of content type selection is also diversified.

For example, the Hequ APP that Box Fungi recently paid attention to is an APP about both genders; on the Zhihu platform, you can often see “yellow old wet” answering some shy questions, and use dirty content to arouse users to the author and the level of interest in the product.

For social marketing, without content, various platforms cannot survive.

(3) With the help of SEO/SEM, brand exposure and download volume increase

For users, most of them use computers to search during get off work, and they must use mobile phones to browse various pages after work, so SEO/SEM optimization is also very important; most APPs have their own official websites, but generally It is relatively simple, just guide users to download the APP; you can optimize the keywords done in the app store, and perform SEO optimization and SEM promotion on the official website on PC and mobile.

  1. Short video promotion
    Short videos are now in a bonus period, and many platforms have begun to produce their own short videos to gain traffic. But after the wonderful short videos are produced, the more important thing is to promote them, especially for some small/small platforms, how to better promote their videos?
  2. Upload the website
    Upload videos to video sites with high weight (Tencent, Youku, Tudou, Sohu Video, iQiyi, PPS, PPTV, Xunlei Kankan, Ku6, Xigua Video, Phoenix Video) for the first large-scale coverage . But the video title, intro, tags and cover