The most complete App promotion channel in history

  1. App store promotion
  2. App stores of mobile phone manufacturers: such as Xiaomi Store, Huawei App Store, Samsung App Store, Lenovo Music Store, HTC Market, Oppo, Meizu Market, LeTV App Store, etc. The channel department needs more operation specialists to contact the mobile phone manufacturer’s store.
  3. Mobile phone operator application store: The so-called operator channel refers to China Mobile, China Unicom, and telecom operators, such as Mobile MM, Unicom Wo Store, and Telecom Tianyi Space. Their main advantage is that they have a large user base. If your products are good enough , you may also get the support of the operator.
  4. Mobile phone system provider application store: It is the official application store such as Google, ios, and windowsphone.
  5. Third-party application store: The first type belongs to the third-party store. The channel specialist should prepare a lot of materials, test, etc. to connect with the application market. Such as Youyi Market, Android Market, Anzhi Market, Jifeng Market, Cross Cat, Wooden Ant, Netcom, Android Store, Nduowang, Peadoujia, 91 Mobile Mall, Cocoa Software Store, Feiliu, 3G, Android Market Amber Market, Android Online, AppChina, etc. Each application market has different rules. How to communicate with the person in charge of the application market and accumulate experience and skills is very important. In the case of sufficient funds, some advertising spaces and recommendations can be placed.
  6. Software download stations: such as Sky Download, Huajun Software Download, Baidu Software Center, Zhongguancun Download, Pacific Download and other download stations can also submit your app to get users.
  7. Network alliance promotion:
  8. Points Wall: Display various tasks in an application (download and install recommended applications, register, fill in forms, etc.), and then users complete the tasks in the game embedded with the point wall to get virtual currency rewards. According to CPA (Cost Per Action) billing, as long as the user completes the task of the point wall, the developer can get a share of the income.
  9. Interstitial screen: Also known as interstitial advertisement, when using the app, the action triggers full-screen/half-screen pop-up or embedding. Mobile games are suitable for this form of advertisement, and the click-through rate, conversion rate, and user activity performance have a good performance. By popping up in half-screen or full-screen form when the application is opened, paused, or exited, it can subtly avoid the user’s normal experience of the application. Because of its large size and stunning visual effects, interstitial ads have a very high click-through rate and good advertising effects.
  10. Network alliance & agency: If you buy by CPA, negotiate a CPA price with the other party (of course, the higher the price, the more users you will acquire), and it is best to set a KPI, such as the retention of the next day is not low With such an agreement, the quality of users will be guaranteed. Like IOS, platform-based online alliances are also companies such as inmobi and adwords.
  11. Mobile DSP: At present, only Limei and mediav are known to be doing mobile DSP. Because they are just starting out, students from these two companies do not recommend us to do it. Because there is no historical data, there is little basis for optimization, and the price is very high. By the way, their media resources are generally connected to big platforms such as google and inmobi. Whether mobile DSP will become a more reliable delivery method in the future is still unclear, please wait quietly~
  12. List promotion: This kind of promotion is an informal method, but it is very popular in China. After all, most Apple mobile phone users will use the APP Store to download APPs. If your APP is directly in the top positions, of course, you can quickly gain the attention of users, and at the same time obtain a high real download volume. However, the price of brushing the list is relatively high. The price of the top 25 in the domestic list is about 10,000 yuan per day, and the price of the top 5 requires more than 20,000 yuan per day. Since this kind of promotion cost is relatively high, it is usually done in conjunction with news hype, which is easy and fast to become famous.
  13. In-app promotion:
  14. In-app mutual push: Also known as exchange volume, it is to exchange traffic through BD cooperation. You push my app, I push your app, and everyone replaces users with each other.
  15. PUSH promotion: As an important means of operating mobile applications, push has attracted more and more attention from mobile game operators.

When the same content is sent to all users, the push is made regardless of time, and the performance of the push remains the same. When users receive such untargeted pushes for many times, they will gradually get bored. However, it is not the push function itself that users are annoyed with, and it has nothing to do with the number of pushes sent. What matters is the content sent.

  1. Pop-up promotion: a form of advertising that pops up when the app is opened, the effect is good, but it greatly affects the user experience.
  2. Focus map promotion: It can be simply understood that a picture or multiple pictures displayed in the application are the focus map. In an obvious position in the app, it is played in the form of a combination of pictures, which is similar to the focus news but with pictures. It is generally used on the homepage of the application or the homepage of the channel. Because it is in the form of pictures, it has a certain attractiveness and visual appeal.

15: Application recommendation promotion: Jinshan, Daquan, Daqu, APP123… The settlement method is mostly CPT. Due to the limited resources of IOS promotion channels, the price has been rising. Many cooperations of Jinshan in 2014 need to follow the annual framework, even according to the To cooperate with CPA, the price of e-commerce is also 12 yuan/activation. The quality of users of this type of channel is good, the channel is basically not mixed with water, and the data is still relatively reliable. It’s just that users will experience “aesthetic fatigue” after long-term deployment, and the promotion effect will gradually decrease. There are also some applications such as Toutiao and Best Buy, which can be embedded with content or talk about CPS. In the middle, I saw the figure of pocket shopping.

16: Jailbreak promotion: PP assistant, synchronous push, quick use, 91… The settlement method is mostly CPT, and CPA cooperation can also be communicated. The volume of these companies is still good, and I don’t have any channels to push jailbreak, so I know very little.

  1. Internet open platform promotion: Don’t underestimate the open platform! Submit your mature APP to the Internet open platform to enjoy massive users, such as Tencent Open Platform, 360 Open Platform, Baidu Open Platform, Kaixin Open Platform, Renren Open Platform platform etc. Add a different perspective to your users.
  2. Social promotion:
  3. Social marketing: a popular way of online SNS promotion. It is embedded in text, pictures, and videos that can spread quickly in a relatively soft way, and spreads in major SNS communities, bringing high-explosive traffic. . This is not impossible, what is needed is the topicality that the product itself can create, and the execution of the marketing team.
  4. Red people forwarding: (Promotion user quality: uncertain) Generally, the payment is based on the number of articles, and the price is negotiated by both parties in advance. Possibly the most cost-effective form of promotion if successful event marketing is conducted. There may also be cases where there is no effect. Pay attention to controlling the scale. It is too much. Now users are very smart.
  5. Malware latent installation market: This method is more evil, but it can also bring traffic.
  6. WeChat group promotion: There are many WeChat groups now. Many people download and send red envelopes by doing activities in the group. If the effect is good, it can bring hundreds of downloads every day.
  7. Promotion by swiping comments on human flesh: By swiping comments to improve the ranking, you can also get the number of users of the app.
  8. Offline promotion:
  9. Pre-installation by mobile phone manufacturers: This is the need to cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install your application when the mobile phone is produced. This method has a high user conversion rate and is the most direct way to develop users. However, in the mid-term, the number of users is also relatively long. After all, from the cooperation of mobile phone manufacturers to the launch of new mobile phones, it takes a period of time for users to purchase, usually 3-5 months.
  10. Parallel import flashing: Android phone flashing has formed a market. If you use this method, users can start quickly, and you can basically see flashing users in 2-4 days. Companies in the industry include: XDA, Kule, Le Cool, brush machine wizard. The cost is not easy to control, the quality of users is poor, and it is not easy to monitor. Basically, the CPA of a single software for brushing is 1-2 yuan, and the price of a chartered machine is between 5-10 yuan.
  11. Licensed storefront: high user quality, high viscosity, high user payment conversion rate, and fast user speed. There are many stores, and the training of clerks is complicated, which requires a perfect assessment and reward mechanism. Basically, the CPA price is between 1.5-3 yuan, and the pre-installed price is between 0.5-1 yuan. Industry companies: Leyu, Zhongfu, Tianyin, China Post, Suning, etc.
  12. Offline media promotion: such as light boxes, knife flags, LED screens, etc.
  13. Offline store promotion: For example, cooperate with McDonald’s and KFC, download the app to send a KFC drink, etc.
  14. Promotion of exhibition materials: such as the promotion of small gifts by downloading the App at the exhibition.
  15. Ground push promotion: (Promotion user quality: high) Ctrip’s ground push staff’s daily job is to install Ctrip’s APPs at the airport. On average, they can install 30 to 40 apps a day, and in good times, they can install 1,000+ a month. The basic salary is 1000. After 600 pieces are installed, 1 piece per piece exceeds 1000 pieces and 3 pieces each. This form of promotion is very precise but also very tiring, and the stupidest method is often the most effective.
  16. New media promotion
  17. Content planning: The important point of content planning is to analyze users, grasp the psychology of target users, and focus on creativity in content.
  18. Basic brand promotion: Encyclopedia promotion: establish brand entries on Baidu Encyclopedia, 360 Encyclopedia, Q & A promotion: establish Q & A on Baidu Know, Soso Q & A, Sina iAsk, Zhihu and other websites.
  19. Forum post bar promotion: You can see many forums in the industry at the bottom of mobile phone related websites. Promoters are recommended to post promotions in two ways: official posts and user posts, and at the same time, they can contact the forum administrator to do some promotions. After posting, you should regularly maintain your posts, answer questions raised by users in a timely manner, and collect feedback from users so that the next version can be updated and improved.
  20. Weibo promotion: Content: Personify the product, tell stories, locate the characteristics of Weibo, and insist on the output of original content. Catch the hot spots of the week or the day to follow up on Weibo, and maintain a certain continuous innovation. Here you can refer to the successful Weibo accounts in the same industry and learn from their experience.

Interaction: Follow relevant Weibo accounts in the industry, maintain interaction, and increase brand exposure.

Activities: When necessary, you can plan activities, repost on Weibo, etc.

  1. WeChat promotion: Promote on WeChat public accounts, such as looking for a public account similar to your app, the user traffic should naturally increase, and the conversion will be higher, such as the mobile Internet (chuangyingshe) WeChat public account, you can put some and Mobile Internet dating, marriage and other practitioners related app download advertisements.
  2. PR communication: PR is not a hard advertisement. It is very important to learn to tell a moving story in the right way. In the Internet age, everyone is a source of communication. Whether it is Weibo Kol, WeChat official account, columns on media websites or major social networking sites, I have to study how to use these platforms to tell the story of a good brand. Conversely, these platforms also It will be the best channel for users to generate UGC for the brand.
  3. Event marketing: Event marketing relies on the brainpower of operators and a keen sense of smell for industry information. Superficial understanding is hype, which requires the team to have certain media resources.
  4. Data analysis: promotion at any time is inseparable from data, and we must learn to find problems from data. Summarize good experience, do high-quality channels, and improve products.