What are the differences between ASO and SEO?

  1. Different definitions

ASO refers to application store optimization, that is, to optimize and improve various display positions of applications in various application markets, such as recommendation positions, rankings, and keyword rankings, so as to obtain more effective displays and obtain natural traffic at low cost.

SEO refers to search engine optimization. Through on-site and off-site optimization methods, the website can meet the search engine ranking requirements and improve the keyword search ranking, thereby attracting accurate traffic into the website and acquiring more users.

SEO is more inclined to optimize “search” results, while ASO not only optimizes keyword search rankings, but also includes optimization of non-search results such as rankings and Apple recommendations.

Two, the optimized content is different

ASO optimization content includes basic optimization, search optimization, list optimization, recommendation optimization, etc.;
1) Basic optimization includes application title, application description, ICON, pictures, comments, etc. to increase user conversion rate.
2) Search optimization includes keyword coverage optimization and keyword ranking optimization.
3) Ranking list optimization: rushing to the list (a large number of downloads in a short time to achieve the effect of improving the ranking of the list, thereby obtaining a better list display position), changing the list category (by changing the appropriate classification to improve the ranking of the list), Pay for a limited time to upgrade the ranking for free.
4) Recommendation optimization: Apple’s boutique recommendation is not impossible to optimize. Writing a letter of recommendation, cooperating with the functions of Appleā€™s new system, or cooperating with festivals are all ways to increase the chance of being recommended.

SEO optimization mainly uses keywords, website structure and content, and pays attention to the optimization of internal and external links;
1) Keyword optimization: Write original content based on search hot words, keep the site constantly updated, and post links to articles to blogs, forums, Weibo and other channels to increase external links
2) Website optimization: optimization of web pages (title, keywords, description), related links (tag tags), anchor text links, navigation links, and image links, etc.
3) External chain optimization: exchange of friend chains and other channels for outsourcing to maintain the diversity of links

Three, the data dimensions are different

ASO data dimensions: keyword coverage and ranking data, keyword search index, keyword popularity; user download data, retention and payment, used to assess ROI and follow up the ASO optimization effect.
SEO data dimensions: keyword search ranking, source keywords, website PV/UV, etc.

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