Why is Huawei: No longer relying on international camera giants, authenticity and warmth are the main colors of XMAGE

On July 2, Huawei officially announced the release of its own imaging brand, Huawei Imaging XMAGE; on July 4, Huawei released the nova 10 series of mobile phones with the main imaging function, which is also the main Selfie imaging function. At the Huawei Influenced Media Exchange Conference on July 6, He Gang, COO of Huawei Terminal BG, was interviewed by media reporters including Phoenix.com reporters.

Get out of Leica, be your own
With years of accumulation of imaging technology, Huawei has established a good impression on consumers for taking pictures on its products. Through the release of this XMAGE imaging brand, Huawei has transformed the technology and experience accumulated in its imaging part into an independent brand. , and will continue to develop mobile imaging technology under this brand in the future.

“Huawei Imaging XMAGE will be the exclusive symbol of Huawei Mobile Imaging, announcing our leadership and maturity in the imaging field, and will also represent our continuous breakthrough and commitment.” said He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Terminal BG. In the first half of this year, Huawei and Leica ended their 6-year cooperation, and the release of XMAGE also means that Huawei no longer relies on the cooperation of international camera giants for empowerment, but builds its own image brand in the field of mobile imaging. own technical system.

In this regard, He Gang said: “Through the cooperation with Leica, we have a better understanding of the needs of consumers, and at the same time, we have more opportunities to meet consumer expectations. After the cooperation period expires, we insist on our own I don’t know how others will do it, but Huawei will deepen and penetrate its technology, and continue to optimize key technology areas such as optical systems, imaging technology, and image processing.”

Why is Huawei: No longer relying on international camera giants, authenticity and warmth are the main colors of XMAGE

Huawei XMAGE builds an imaging technology system from three dimensions: optical system, imaging technology, and image processing
He Gang said that the strategic investment and direction of Huawei Imaging mainly focus on three dimensions: technological innovation, shooting experience, and image culture, while the technological innovation and shooting experience innovation represented by XMAGE mainly focus on optical systems, imaging technology, image processing and other fields. .

In these three key technical areas, Huawei has always had a solid technical foundation. For example, there are a number of core technologies represented in the optical system, such as the dual-camera system of the P9 series in 2016, the periscope telephoto lens of the P20 series in 2018, and the free-form lens of the Mate40 series in 2020.

The imaging technology is an intersection of photoelectric conversion, including the RYYB sensor of the P30 series, the full-pixel octa-core focus of the Mate40 series, and the hyperspectral image of the P50 Pocket.

Image processing is a collection at the algorithm level, including the AI ​​photography of the original Mate10 series, the XD Fusion image engine of the P40 series, and the XD Optice computational optics and other technologies introduced by the P50 series.

Huawei Imaging XMAGE is a further summary and development of Huawei’s accumulation and experience in the field of mobile imaging technology over the past years. It is also through the optimization of optical systems, imaging technology, image processing and other original technologies to become Huawei Imaging XMAGE to build images. key to the technical system.

He Gang also said that XMAGE will further exert its technological advantages in five aspects: optical design, mechanical structure, photoelectric conversion, image algorithm and image effect, and continue to invest in research and development.

Why is Huawei: No longer relying on international camera giants, authenticity and warmth are the main colors of XMAGE

Authenticity and warmth are the main colors of Huawei Imaging XMAGE
In addition, He Gang also said that reality, warmth, sharpness and high image quality will also become the unique image style of Huawei XMAGE, and become the trend and direction of Huawei’s photo style in the future, of which authenticity and warmth are the main colors of Huawei XMAGE. From the photos, users can perceive the subtle interlacing of light, and can also feel the real details and emotional temperature from the photos.

In addition to the presentation of photos, the tools for post-processing of images will also be optimized. At present, Huawei has launched petal clipping, and the next-generation products will continue to optimize the image editing tools, so that users can fall in love with Huawei through the whole process of photo effects and editing and sharing.

Huawei’s new image NEXT IMAGE: another expression of image culture
Why is Huawei: No longer relying on international camera giants, authenticity and warmth are the main colors of XMAGE

Most of the influential imaging equipment companies have held different forms of photography competitions. Of course, these manufacturers hold photography competitions for the purpose of promoting product sales, but they also objectively let more users understand and come into contact with photography, enriching the form of photography. People’s cultural life also records all aspects of the times and life.

Over the years, Huawei has created a brand new video culture exchange and learning platform for Huawei mobile phone users through brand cultural activities such as the New Video Contest, New Video Community, New Video Exhibition, and New Video Academy. A racetrack started. The new edition of the New Image Contest also focuses on youth, warmth, vitality, positivity, and seniority, encouraging more people to use their mobile phones to devote themselves to image creation to discover, express, and share the beauty around them.

After Huawei has been deeply involved in the field of mobile photography for many years, from focusing on product performance, paying attention to user needs, and then focusing on the humanistic spirit of mobile imaging, Huawei continues to talk about multiple expressions of imaging capabilities. It marks Huawei’s confidence and investment in the field of mobile imaging, and also represents the confidence and determination of a brand.